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versatile kidswear

@newlittlenation brand goal is to let kids feel free and comfortable in their clothes. Therefore their products are practical, of high quality, and also very cozy. 

Our input in this brand relies on design & product development (pattern making, prototyping, size grading), packaging and production stages. With years of expertise, we help brands to create a stunning and timeless products. Let us bring your vision to life.

Photographer: Maria Misiulyte

Designs owned by Monika Okmane

limited edition merch 


@not_from_paris_ x @venipak_lietuva 

limited edition merch. 🦄
The collaboration of two brands showcases how brands can leverage their strengths to create something great together. This collaborative approach fosters growth for the brands involved and enriches the marketplace with novel solutions and fresh perspectives.

We helped with product development & production management.

Designs owned by Venipak Lietuva

Modern suit


@elsteja is a definition of modern elegance and sexiness. We’re passionate about helping women entrepreneurs feel empowered and confident, and our services (in this case we assisted with design & product development, and production stages) are designed to provide each client with a unique experience. With our diverse range of options, you’ll find something to suit your needs at KUZ Fashion Design Studio.

Photographer: Denis Michaliov 
Models: Evita Šupienytė; Laura Liucija Kromalcaitė

Designs owned by Austėja Venclovaitė

Women &

men leisurewear 


BORGOI brand brought an understanding of how comfort is created by emphasizing certain parts of the body.

KUZ team has assisted in the following: design development, product development, production management, and material and trimming purchase orders.

Photo: Tooming Photos

Designs owned by Jurinta Urbonaite