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Runway bespoke pieces 


Already known for its unique and remarkable pieces of jewelry, Lesunja Fine Jewellery is a brand based in Switzerland. The designer does not stop just there – with the help of the KUZ team, she created a collection that would go in perfect symphony with Lesunja jewels. According to her requirements, we created the whole collection and made sure that the chosen fabrics would disclose the garment’s characteristics.


Designs owned by Lesunja Jewelry

Photo: Flying Solo Nyc

Streetwear Product development

& Made-to-order production

We are very happy to be working with Dao London for some time now. So much talent, effort, and kindness in one place. Working together and seeing results gives great pleasure each time.

We assist the founder of Dao London by collecting her ideas into accurate designs which are translated into technical drawings. After the final review, we execute the product, and this time we went through technical sketching, pattern making, size grading, prototyping, and made-to-order production processes.

Designs owned by P. Carine

Print & design development

The Soleil Girl is a resort-inspired label founded on a belief that living consciously starts from a choice we make.

We assist the founder of Soleil Girl by creating garment design, prints according to color palette, and applying onto drawings. 

Designs owned by F. Kasmani.