Who we are?

KUZ Fashion Design Studio helps small and startup fashion labels to succeed in their business. Brings all the needed expertise and services for new and small fashion brands. Are you the one who:

  • Wants to start a brand and needs guidance, explanations of the process?

  • Currently, owns a brand but wants to scale up the business with a parallel project?

  • Needs assistance in daily tasks?

  • Needs expertise in a specific field?

If can answer "me" in any of these questions, super! You are in the right place!

We offer 1-on-1 help with designs, production and consulting.

The KUZ was set up in October 2018 and already has helped over 100 small and startup brands. All of the services are tailored to each brand.

If you have no prior experience in the fashion industry, it’s not a problem you going to get all guidance and explanations of different parts of the process.

Kuzmarskyte Rosita

Founder of KUZ Fashion Design Studio

Story of KUZ

If you have noticed - KUZ it's the first three letters of my last name but it's not random pick. When I wanted to come up with a  brand name I wanted it to be meaningful for me as well. Fashion and sewing have been beside me my whole life. My grandmother – the inspiration of my life has plated the roots of sewing and fashion in the garden of a little girl‘s femininity. Grandma is the person for which I'll be thankful all my life. So, I was looking for a connection between my grandma and me. After all, I came up with the thing is connecting us - the last name. That's how it became KUZ and I'm proud it will follow me up all life and will remember why I even started my career in fashion! 


100% of all the processes made in Europe! We want to make more efficient, sustainable fashion brands future and more money in a responsible way.
The team consists of remotely working graphic and fashion designer and at the place working pattern maker and a tailor. As well as we have cooperations with trustworthy manufacturers in Europe! 

I’d say we are different from traditional agencies though, as along with creating designs, we like to see them through and therefore we are always thinking about production and marketing. The unique design is amazing, but it has to sell too. The fashion industry is a business, after all!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or fill-up the form with an inquiry and get a quote.


Fashion Design Studio

Vilnius, Lithuania

Tel: +37065815819 (WhatsApp)

Business Hours: 9am - 7pm