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Story of KUZ

"What does KUZ mean? These are simply the first three letters of my last name, but it was created not for “this-sounds-good” reasons. When I wanted to come up with a  brand name, I wanted it to be meaningful for me as well. Fashion and sewing are the main parts of my everyday life. It all started with my grandmother, who was already familiar with all this, and who invited me to “the journey” with her. And for this, I am thankful to her. She is the one who inspires me. By wishing to honor her, I started to think about what is there that connects us the strongest. After all, I came up with one, the most binding thing - the last name. That is how it became KUZ and, I am proud knowing that it will be there for life as a reminder of why I started my career in fashion."

Kuzmarskyte Rosita

Founder of KUZ Fashion Design Studio

Who are we?

KUZ Fashion Design Studio is an agency that helps small fashion brands and startups to succeed in their business by providing the needed expertise and services.
If you are the one who is
- thinking of starting your own brand but needs guidance in the process;
- already owning a brand but wants to scale up the business with a parallel project;
- needing some assistance in daily work;
- needing some advice in a specific area;
you are in the right place! 
KUZ Fashion Design Studio offers 1-on-1 consultations on creating designs, developing products, and managing production. 
Since 2018 KUZ has already helped over 300 small brands, startups, and individuals by providing services that are tailored personally to each band.
In case your head is full of great ideas related to fashion, but you do not feel as if you have enough experience to make it all come true, contact KUZ to get all the guidance and answers to your questions.

Our team consists of specialists working in different fields to provide you with a variety of consultations: we have a fashion designer, a copywriter, and a studio working pattern maker, and a seamstress. What makes us different from other agencies is that we also have responsible people who think about small batch production and marketing. The unique design is the key element to success, but, alongside, there should be a strategy on how to sell it. After all, we cannot forget that fashion is a business. 

Our main goal is to ensure a more efficient and sustainable future for fashion brands by doing this responsibly. If you feel that we could go the same way, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or fill-up the form with an inquiry and get a quote.

meet us


"At KUZ, my mission is to pull out ideas and thoughts and to transform them into sewing patterns that could be used in further steps. I got interested in this when I was still in school. With every day,  I get to know more about the fashion industry, the technical side of sewing. Today I cannot imagine myself in another place. Every project with which I work provides me with valuable experience and good emotions. Being part of the KUZ team is more than a job. I hope that in the future, we will maintain a good relationship between ourselves and provide others with high-quality work."


Pattern maker

"I am responsible for delivering tasks on time, for organizing the technical work, and I also assist Rosita in daily tasks. Responsibilities and routine are what keeps me organized and on my toes. Working in fashion makes me feel like I‘m in the right place and that I need to broaden my horizons in this field. I feel the same way about KUZ - it very quickly became my second home and the project on which I want to work restlessly. I hope that our team will grow stronger every day and stay competitive with each passing year. "


Chief Operating Officer

"I have been seeking to create something independent for as long as I remember. KUZ is one of my life goals - to make better conditions for ethical fashion brands and emerging designers to grow and evolve. By supporting and choosing their product you make a better tomorrow in the fashion industry. Our task and responsibility are to provide professional assistance in developing sustainable, innovative, and profitable businesses.

KUZ is working actively for a short period of time, however, I am super excited to lead the team and see how fast we are growing stronger together."


Founder & Creative Director

"Here at KUZ, I have the opportunity to combine two of my favourite activities - writing and photography. I was interested in fashion for as long as I remember, but for quite some time, I didn’t know how to express the way I feel about it. Especially now, when there are so many controversial topics whirling around in the fashion industry. Being entirely responsible for what kind of content I create under the name of KUZ is something that brings me joy, calls out my curiosity and provides me with a good kind of worry. I hope that in the future, we will thrive as these top specialists that complement each other in every step."


Copywriter & Photographer

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Head of Entertainment


Fashion Design Studio


Business Hours: 9am - 7pm

Vilnius, Lithuania