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Updated: Jan 28

If you are in a lockdown and you have already done all the things possible in your what to do when you are in lockdown or quarantine list, and if you caught yourself googling on what to do next with your life, KUZ could offer you a useful solution - “DIY by KUZ” via Etsy.

DIY by KUZ PDF Printable Sewing Patterns Shop. www.etsy.com/madebykuz


For DIY lovers, KUZ opened its shop on Etsy under the name madebyKUZ, where you will find clothing patterns to make various pieces of clothing. The shop offers patterns for making shorts, leggings, shirts, and dresses of a different design. For your convenience, next to the pattern you are interested in, you will find a level of difficulty so that anyone – from the beginner to pro – could find something they could sew by themselves.

Learn a new thing

Now that we spend more time at home, maybe it’s time to blow the dust off your sewing machine and see what wonderful things you can create for yourself and those around you. And for those who for once dreamt of being a designer but never actually tried to pick up this skill, it is a perfect opportunity to learn something new and cross one more thing from your “to do” list.

Find everything you need is in one place

Etsy is where you can find everything you need in one place. Already know what you want to create? Go and explore what other Etsy sellers have to offer material and sewing supplies wise. The variety of choices will make your head turn. This way, you will also be able to support smaller or local sellers. One of these could be Etsy seller AnatraFabrics that has plenty of fabrics to offer. And if there is something that has already caught your attention, with code KUZ20, you will get a 20 % discount.

Tip: before buying supplies, don’t forget to check first if there isn’t something in your household that you can use for your project: old materials, buttons, some pieces of unworn clothing, etc.

Make sustainable choices

By creating something by yourself, using materials that you already have, and making your talent to do the trick, rather than just browsing through webpages of fast fashion brands, you are making more sustainable choices and thus living a less cluttered life.

Tip: make someone a Christmas present with more value

Having in mind that big family holidays are coming up and also the chances of wandering in big shopping centers for at least half a day with hundreds of others, people of the same fate, looking for these perfect Christmas gifts, is pretty slim this year. Yes, we know that we are still saved by online shopping, and with one push of a button we can have everything we need and we want to be added to the cart.  But what if this year we’d change our habits for the better? One way is to make your loved ones a piece of clothing by yourself, instead of buying it. We can guarantee that they will appreciate your effort and thoughtfulness.

And if you get super motivated – contact KUZ for a consultation!

We hope that by using the patterns that were created, you will get more inspired not only to sew, but to design, create, and to wake up your inner creator. So, experiment, try, do, and share your final result with us. And don’t forget that you are always welcome to contact us so that we could guide you on a further path.

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